2008 Best Structural Engineering Firms To Work For, Structural Engineering Magazine

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SEPTEMBER 26, 2008

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Craig Finley
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2008 Best Structural Engineering Firms To Work For

TALLAHASSEE, Florida – Finley Engineering Group, Inc. (FINLEY) is one of the nation’s 25 Best Structural Engineering Firms to Work For, according to a new study published by Structural Engineer magazine.

In just its fourth year of existence, FINLEY is the only firm on the list that focuses exclusively on bridge engineering and construction. It is also the only Florida-based firm among the Top 25.

“One of the primary reasons we’re a great place to work is that our staff comes to the office every day knowing that they’ll have interesting and challenging projects,” says Craig Finley, managing principal. “We’re working on some of the most prominent bridges in the U.S. and on a number of historic projects overseas. Our staff also has access to one of the world’s most re- nowned bridge designers in our technical director, Jacques Combault.”

Finley, who has nearly 30 years experience in the industry and has numerous honors and awards to his credit, notes that the firm encourages professional growth in its staff and offers opportuni- ties to grow and improve both the technical and the business elements of their career.

“We mentor and guide our less experienced staff and give everyone increasing levels of respon- sibility as it is warranted,” says Finley. “We demand a very high level of effort from everyone, which we believe is what our talented, high-performing people expect and deserve from their management team. And we do our best to hire the most accomplished, talented people to comple- ment our existing staff. Our goal is to make this a secure, rewarding, interesting, and enjoyable place to be every working day.”

To be eligible for the Best Structural Engineering Firms to Work For designation, a firm must have at least 10 employees and at least 51% of its revenue must be derived from structural engi- neering work. The magazine’s rules require at least 20% of the firm’s staff to fill out a comprehensive survey about working conditions at the firm. The firm must also be headquartered in the U.S. or Canada.

Founded in 2004, Finley Engineering Group is recognized, nationally and internationally, as a leading engineering and construction consulting firm specializing in complex bridge projects of all kinds. For more information, contact Sherry Martin, principal, at sherry.martin@finleyengineeringgroup.com.


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