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For Immediate Release
December 1, 2004

For Information Contact:
Craig Finley
(850) 894-1600


TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA: R. Craig Finley, a prominent figure in the bridge engineering and construction industry for more than two decades, announces the creation of Finley Engineering Group (FEG), a new bridge engineering and consulting company dedicated to providing high-level expertise to all aspects and phases of major bridge construction projects throughout the United States.

Finley was previously with Parsons Corporation, the sixth-largest design company in the U.S., where he served as senior vice president in charge of the Bridge & Tunnel Division. He joined Parsons in 2001 when it acquired Finley McNary Engineering, Inc., the company he co-founded in 1989.

“I learned a lot at Parsons,” says Finley. “I met some great people and worked on some very good projects. But with my own smaller company, I’m able to lend my experience and expertise more directly to bridge projects. That’s where my heart is.”

Finley says FEG’s niche is providing a link between engineering and construction on major bridge projects. “I see the company as an engineering ‘special forces’ group that can work either side of the fence,” he says. “Our strength is that we understand both sides; we don’t see a line between design and construction.”

FEG differs from Finley McNary in two key ways, says Finley.

First, the new company is focused on providing high-level expertise to bridge construction projects, rather than a wide range of services. This allows FEG’s clients to better leverage the company’s depth of knowledge and experience, resulting in a more efficient and ultimately superior project overall.

Second, unlike Finley McNary, growth is not a primary goal of FEG. “We’ve got a core group with high-end technical expertise in engineering, as well as a great understanding of the construction process and how to apply that expertise. We’ll grow, but I’m not doing this to build a bigger company. I’m doing it because it’s what I like to do and because we fill a need in the bridge construction industry.”

For more information, call Craig Finley at (850) 894-1600 or e-mail him at

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