CONCRETE BRIDGE TECHNOLOGY – External Tendons with Diabolos – Making Something Out of Nothing

ASPIRE. Fall 2015. Jerry Pfuntner, S.E., P.E.

Using diabolos with external post-tensioning increases design effciencies, streamlines constructability, and improves durability of segmental concrete box-girder bridges

by Jerry Pfuntner, Finley Engineering Group Inc.

Originally introduced in the 1980s, diabolos used in conjunction with external post-tensioning have fallen in and out of favor with departments of transportation over the years. Recent research and a multitude of real- life case studies, however, have even convinced many industry stalwarts that diabolos provide significant benefits over internal post-tensioning or external post-tensioning with standard bent steel pipe deviation saddles, including simplified precasting details, rapid erection procedures, improved long-term durability, and tendon replacement. Read more…

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