DHRUV DESAI, E.I. is Selected for the 2015 Internship Program at FINLEY

June 8, 2015

Bridge desiDhruv1gn firm, FINLEY has selected Dhruv Desai, E.I. for its 2015 Bridge Design Internship Program.

Dhruv has a Bachelor of Engineering from Maharaja Sayajirao University and a Master of Science in Structural Engineering from the University of Florida. While at the University of Florida, Dhruv was a research assistant and studied wind engineering and structural behavior of metal panels. Dhruv was the Vice President and is now an active member of the Structural Engineers Association student chapter.

“Part of my coursework included a guest lecture presentation on finite element analysis by Jerry Pfuntner, Principal at FINLEY. I was inspired by his passion and expertise. I was motivated to learn more about FINLEY and the complex bridge projects by reading various articles and case studies on the FINLEY website. Cable-stayed and segmental bridges always fascinated me. FINLEY’s internship program appeared to be a great opportunity to begin my career in bridge design. I am very excited that I’ll be learning from the leader in innovative bridge design.” said Dhruv.


“Dhruv is the type of young engineer that excels in the FINLEY internship program. He’s prepared himself very well in his academic studies and we believe ready to meet the technical challenges we typically encounter on our projects. This should be a win-win for Dhruv, FINLEY and our Clients,” said Jerry Pfuntner, P.E., of FINLEY.


About the FINLEY Internship Program

FINLEY’s summer internship program is designed to provide promising students an opportunity to develop their skills and grow professionally. FINLEY offers two (2) paid summer internships each year. The interns are assigned to one of our design and/or construction engineering projects.

Interns work at an entry level bridge engineering position and are given engineering assignments that are suitable for their level of experience and education. Our philosophy is based on teamwork, ethical conduct and mutual trust; we are dedicated to fostering a work environment that excites, enriches and personally rewards each individual. We believe in personal performance improvement through hands on project immersion, constructive evaluations and one-on-one mentoring.

“Our clients come to FINLEY for creative solutions to the most demanding bridge engineering and construction challenges of our era. FINLEY is a dynamic organization constantly seeking to expand and enhance our capabilities by attracting the best and brightest talent. We value the diversity of cultures which fosters an environment of creativity, innovation and excellence,” said Craig Finley, President, FINLEY.

FINLEY posts internship opportunities on the FINLEY website, Facebook and LinkedIn pages as well as many University Career Center websites. For more information on our internships, click here. 

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