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July 10, 2007

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Finley Engineering Group, Inc. (FINLEY) will provide design and construction engineering services to contractor Danya-Cebus, Ltd. for the Shelef and Nilly Bridges in Israel.

The $210 million (U.S.) build-operate-transfer project is part of Section 18 of the new Highway 6, a public-private partnership venture that is Israel’s largest-ever infrastructure project. Also known as the Trans-Israel Highway and the Yitzhak Rabin Highway, the new 87-kilometer, fully automated toll road serves as the main traffic artery connecting the periphery of the country to its center. Running the length of Israel, it will reduce congestion on the roadways, travel time between North and South, accidents, and air pollution.

Section 18, a 17-kilometer northward extension of the project, includes the construction of four new precast segmental bridge overpass structures. Each new twin bridge will carry two lanes of traffic – a total of four structures and eight lanes. The design also accommodates potential widening, with room for a third box girder between each twin structure.

The bridges are viaducts, approximately 265 meters long, with five spans each. The maximum span length is 66 meters.

FINLEY is performing a redesign of the Section 18 bridge structures to optimize the efficiency of materials and Danya-Cebus’ construction equipment and operations. The bridges will be built utilizing the balanced cantilever method of construction. The new design features external continuity post-tensioning systems and enhanced post-tensioning durability details. FINLEY will also provide full construction engineering services, including construction analysis, segmental casting and erection geometry control, design and detailing of temporary works systems and technical assistance during construction.

Section 18 is scheduled to open in late 2009, and the concessionaire will operate the new roadway project until the year 2029.

Founded in 2004, Finley Engineering Group is recognized nationally and internationally as a leading engineering and construction consulting firm specializing in complex bridge projects of all kinds.

For more information, contact Craig Finley at 850-894-1600 or at

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