FINLEY Staff attend 26th Bi-annual SOFiSTiK Conference

Tallahassee, Fla. – March 30, 2018
– On Friday, March 16, FINLEY Engineering Group (FINLEY) Bridge Engineer Ivan Liu, P.E. and Bridge Designer Jan Zitny attended the 26th Bi-annual SOFiSTiK Conference in Munich, Germany.

The theme for this year’s seminar was “Connecting Disciplines,” where attendees from engineering firms in Europe, Russia, the Middle East and America presented methods for creating structural designs. The upper management staff of SOFiSTiK and members of the software development and technical support teams were in attendance as well, in addition to an Autodesk group that presented new advancements in Structural Analysis, Bridge Information Modeling and integration within Revit and SOFiSTiK.

During the seminar, Liu and Zitny reviewed their ideas and intentions with the software platform alongside the SOFiSTiK development team.

“From my point of view, the conference was extremely beneficial for [FINLEY],” stated Zitny. “We met a lot of interesting people from different companies who face the same problems and were able to see their unique ways of dealing with them.”

Liu also gave a presentation on FINLEY’s use of BrIM, a bridge information technology platform. FINLEY is one of the leading firms in the development and application of BrIM technology in the complex bridge community.

“It’s amazing to see what the potential of engineering software like SOFiSTiK and Autodesk can be with the help of programming after attending the seminar,” said Liu. “I’m excited to be in an age where engineering software has developed to allow for mass integration and automation within every aspect of project.”

With his presentation, Liu gained a large amount of interest for FINLEY and showcased how FINLEY achieves their high production levels with a small group of engineers. The SOFiSTiK staff members were also intrigued at how FINLEY selected their Autodesk products to use for bridge projects.

“The fact that a small company with fewer than 15 engineers could implement a new software and hold such a complex approach to design and visualization in less than one year impressed our audience,” said Zitny. “How [FINLEY] introduces new things, trains new employees and constantly improves our process with programming and automation is what truly makes us unique.”

The development team at SOFiSTiK was excited with FINLEY’s dedication and quick transition to the SOFiSTiK software platform.

“In order to achieve the goal of a short transition phase of less than two months, a clear commitment from the management to this change, combined with tailored training, was necessary,” remarked Frank Deinzer, Head of Board Sales and Marketing for SOFiSTiK. “In the last two years, FINLEY managed to realize dozens of complex bridge projects using SOFiSTiK software. I am looking forward to the new challenges and further close cooperation with FINLEY and enhanced product offerings.”

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