Home Is Where You Find Work

The Zweigletter, Issue 831, September 28, 2009, Craig Finley, Principal

It’s a small world after all, and firms are looking outside the boundaries of the U.S. as they try to keep up with clients and remain profitable.

When it comes to international expansion in 2009, architecture, engineering and environmental consulting firms are mainly following their clients or the money trail. Geography, it turns out, is just a consequence.

A The Zweig Letter survey prepared for this issue reveals that an overwhelming 39% of respondents say the main reason they are looking to expand internationally is their clients, and another 24% say they are following the money.

Only slightly  over 3% say they’ve expanded, or chinking about doing so, primarily because the U.S. marker has dried up– although it widely known that opportunities for growth in the industry often lie outside U.S borders. Read more…

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