Introducing External Tendons to Israeli Bridge Construction

 Stucture Magazine, October, 2008, Craig Finley, P.E., Jerry Pfuntner, P.E.

Consultant Finley Engineering Group is providing final design and construction engineering services for six segmental bridges on Israel’s Road 431 project – the first in Israeli bridge construction to use external tendons. Finley used Lusas Bridge software to analyse and optimise the pier and deviator segment diaphragms for the imposed loadings whilst keeping the segment weight within the 65t lifting capacity of the contractor’s equipment. As a result of the design, both owner and contractor benefited from simplified precasting details, thinner sections, rapid erection procedures and improved long-term durability.

Israel has built more than 25 segmental bridge structures in the last 20 years. But despite the country’s considerable experience with segmental bridges, these six bridges on one of the interchanges on the 21km-long, design- build-operate-transfer venture will be the first in Israeli bridge construction history to use external tendons. The 12.5m-wide bridges have span lengths ranging from 30m to 66m and consist of 501 precast segments with a total deck area of more than 18,000m^2.

Road 431 is one of the lateral access roads to the Cross Israel Highway 6 and actually constitutes the southern traffic artery of the ring road surrounding the Greater Tel Aviv Metropolitan Area (Gush Dan), consisting of Ayalon Highway in the west, Highway 6 in the east and Road 531 in the north. Read more…

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