It Answers 2 Greatness, September, 2008, Craig Finley, P.E., Jerry Pfuntner, P.E.

Historic Israeli highway has multiple names and successes

Israel’s Highway 6 has never lacked for adjectives to describe it. Also known as the Trans-Israel Highway, the Cross-Israel Highway and the Yitzhak Rabin Highway, Highway 6 is the largest infrastructure project and the first major build-operate-transfer (BOT) project in the country’s history. The 123-km roadway also is the first fully automated toll road in Israel.

Highway 6 serves as the main traffic artery connecting the periphery of the country to its center. Its primary purpose is to provide an efficient north-south transportation  corridor, while allowing drivers to bypass the congested Tel Aviv region. Recently, the government estimated that over 80% of the cars in Israel had traveled on Highway 6 at one time or another since its first section opened in 2003.

Israel continues expanding Highway 6, including a 17-km, $210 million (U.S.) northward extension called Section 18.

Set to open completely in 2009, Section 18 includes the construction of five new twin precast segmental bridges. Each new twin bridge will initially carry two lanes of traffic, for a total of 10 structures and 20 lanes. The design also accommodates potential widening, with room for a third box girder between each twin structure.

As part of two different project teams, Finley Engineering Group performed redesigns of the Section 18 bridge structures to optimize the efficiency of materials and contractor construction equipment and operations. Contractor Danya Cebus is building two of the bridges- the Shelef and Nilly Bridges- while the other three -the Moed, Menashe and Dahlia bridges – are with contractor Solel Boneh. Read more…

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