Jindrich Potucek enjoys seeing his bridge designs turned into concrete and steel

 By Christina M. Zweig

Jindrich Potucek, a bridge engineer at FINLEY Engineering Group, is an active high-achiever who has traveled across the globe in pursuit of the joy of seeing lines on a drawing transformed into real, solid structures used by people. Potucek was born in 1984 in Liberec, Czechoslovakia (now Czech Republic), and attended a Structural and Roadway Engineering program at the Czech Technical University of Prague for his undergraduate degree.

Potucek said, “I always knew I wanted to go to college,” but his decision to become an engineer evolved over time. Design genes run in his family and Potucek’s brother, an architect, also gave him some insight into the profession.

Though Potucek was initially interested in both civil and chemical engineering, an experience working in construction one summer ultimately helped shape his decision as he realized how much he enjoyed seeing the physical creation of a design. “I enjoyed being part of something which was built,” he said. “I decided on civil engineering because chemical engineering is more invisible and you don’t see the results of your work.” Read more…

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