We are pleased to announce the last two beams for the CR787/Islands Expressway Wilmington River/Bascule Bridge project were set using our 81-foot trestle beams to support two Manitowoc 999s over the existing bridge.

As Construction Engineer for this project, FINLEY provided construction engineering services for the three-span continuous main span This unit is comprised of constant depth prestressed concrete end and drop-in beams with haunched prestressed concrete beams over the piers. FINLEY provided the design of the temporary works required to support the prestressed beam sections during erection, including steel temporary bracing, steel strong-backs, and approximately 80-foot tall steel pipe temporary towers. FINLEY provided 3D modeling to verify both crane boom obstructions with the existing overhead power transmission lines and barge crane locations per Prince’s means and methods. 3D modeling verification prevents interference of the crane booms with the temporary works elements or previously erected beam sections.

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