Autopista al Rio Magdalena Concessionaire- UF 2 & UF 4 Design, Finance, Construct, Operate and Maintain (P3). Andean Region, Republic of Colombia

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Autopista al Rio Magdalena Concessionaire


Desimone Consulting Engineers

Start Date

March 2016

Completion Date




The Autopista al Rio Magdalena Concessionaire was awarded a $686.5M concession to design, finance, construct, operate and maintain the Río Magdalena 2 Toll Road for a 25-year term. This new 144 km infrastructure is part of the fourth-generation road concession plan launched by the Colombian Government to increase the connectivity of the country’s main production and export centers. The project will significantly improve the integration of the Caribbean Coast, particularly the Córdoba and Sucre Departments, with Medellín, southeast Antioquía, Ruta del Sol and covering, and through the basin, Magdalena Medio, Santander, Cundinamarca, Tolima and Caldas. This project includes 82 km of new construction including two tunnels and 79 bridges, including the 1,480m-long bridge over the Magdalena River connecting Puerto Berrío to Puerto Olaya.

FINLEY is providing conceptual value engineering for section UF2, which is a combination of 14 viaducts with 2 to 8 spans and 6 simple span bridges. Section UF4 consists of a 1,480 m long bridge over the Rio Magdalena. Structure types include 72’ FIB, concrete box girder and composite steel girder. Project challenges include the location being in a highly seismic, mountainous region.

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