Ayalon Highway Segmental Bridges. Tel Aviv, Israel

Services Provided by FINLEY

  • Integrated Segment Drawings
  • Geometrical Control of Casting, Erection, and Procedural Manuals
  • Casting Curves
  • Analysis of Construction Loading
  • Design of Erection Equipment and Falsework
  • Erection Procedures
  • Post-Tensioning Calculations
  • On and Off-Site Technical Assistance


Ayalon Highways Company, Ltd.


Malibu Israel, Ltd./Ashkrit Concrete Products

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The Ayalon Highways form an important link between two of Tel Aviv’s most important arteries. The bridges were built over two rail lines and a canal, neither of which could be disrupted during construction.

The northbound structure, 245m in length, consists of a two-box (126.5m total width) super-structure with spans, varying in length from 30.8m to 35.0m. The southbound structure is 220m long with a single box (16.5m wide) superstructure and spans from 31.4m to 52.m.

These twin $6.6M (super-structure only) precast segmental bridges were erected in balanced cantilever with a launching gantry. This project was the first of its type in over twenty years to be built in Israel and was the country’s second segmental structure.