Honolulu Authority for Rapid Transportation (HART) Airport Guideway & Stations

Services Provided by FINLEY:

  • Integrated Shop Drawings
  • Segmental Bridge
  • Integrated Pier Caps
  • PT Stressing
  • Technical Support During Construction
  • Platform Girders


  • Automated Production of Integrated Shop Drawings for Significant Variations Within Bridge Spans and Segments
  • Automated Production of Detailed 3D Segment Models for Significant Variations Within Bridge Spans and Segments


Honolulu Authority for Rapid Transportation


Shimmick / Traylor / Granite JV


$875 Million

Start Date:

April 2017

Estimated Completion Date:


Located in Honolulu, Hawaii, the new $875M HART Airport Guideway & Stations design-build project is the third phase of the 20-mile light rail project connecting downtown Honolulu with the western suburbs by means of a 21 station network consisting largely of sections of raised rail segmental bridges. The HART Airport Guideway & Stations will connect the five mile stretch from the Pearl Harbor Naval Base to Kalihi. The bridge includes 214 total spans with an average width of 30.5’. The structure is built utilizing gantry erection of the concrete segments.

Finley Engineering Group (FINLEY) performed the integrated analysis model and Bridge Integration Model. This allowed seamless integration of construction engineering deliverables. Initial 3-D interference models were developed with actual rebar, post-tensioning duct, etc., diameters and dimensions, embedded items and construction access openings to check for conflicts in the Contract Drawings for each of the segmented types – expansion joint, pier and typical segment elements to aid in the seamless integration.

FINLEY implemented its BrIM workflow to allow the integration of the CADD shop drawings and produce the details quickly and accurately to meet the contractor’s fast pace construction schedule. In total, services provided by FINLEY include Integrated shop drawings of over 2700 segments, four Station Platform Girders and four Integrated Pier Caps, in addition to the PT Stressing Data for the five reaches, 3D BrIM Model of the structure and on and Off-site Technical Support during construction. The bridge is currently under construction and scheduled to be completed in 2021.