Rion-Antirion Bridge P3. Greece

Services provided by Craig Finley and Jacques Combault

Principal Technical Advisor to Lenders for the new four-tower cable-stayed bridge and approach structures, including technical reviews and monitoring of design and construction.


€630 million

Completion Date

May 2004

Project completed by staff prior to FINLEY

The Rion-Antirion Bridge is considered to be a creation of extraordinary engineering. Built in an area with high seismicity, it spans a 3 km-wide straight across the Gulf of Corinth, northeast of the city of Patras on Peloponnesus, Greece, and links the town of Rion on Peloponnesus with the town of Antirion on the Greek mainland, approximately 250 km northwest of Athens, Greece. Each end of the bridge sits on an opposite side of the expanding Corinthian Gulf rift zone.

Measuring 2,880 meters (m) long (9,449 ft) from end to end and 28m wide (92.4 ft), the Rion-Antirion Bridge is considered to have the longest continuous, cable-stayed, fully suspended deck in the world, measuring 2,252 m in length (7,388.45 ft).

Each of the four vertical structures are constructed with pylons that rest upon 90 m (297 ft) diameter, reinforced concrete caissons that sit upon a gravel layer on the sea floor, 60-65 m (198-214.5 ft) below the surface. A typical vertical structure measures 220 m (726 ft) high from the sea-bottom to the pylon head.

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