Route 2020 Dubai

Services Provided by FINLEY:

  • Independent Design Check – ISO Span 36 m
  • Independent Design Check – Continuous Span 2 x 50 m
  • Optimization Rebar Design
  • Optimization PT Layout


Roads and Transport Authority (RTA)


Rizzani de Eccher S.p.A.


$70,000 (FINLEY’s scope)

Start Date:

November 2017 (FINLEY’s scope)

Completion Date:

April 2018 (FINLEY’s scope)

Located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Route 2020 comprises a 15km-long line, of which 11.8km will be an elevated section and the remaining 3.2km underground. Chanel Cross Sections are used for the 11.8km of the elevated portion erected in span by span with the combined use of an overhead gantry and cranes.

Its route is designed to cover populated areas in the city to make commuting easy for the visitors and residents of Dubai. The new route is expected to serve approximately 270,000 commuters travelling to and from commercial and residential areas.

Testing of the metro is expected to begin by February 2020. The line is anticipated to be further extended by 6km to connect the Al Maktoum International Airport in the future. The further extension would provide a direct connection between both of Dubai’s international airports.

FINLEY Engineering Group (FINLEY) performed a full 3D Independent Design Check of the segmental superstructure for the ISO Span 36 m and the Continuous Span 2 x 50 m. Both Longitudinal and Traverse Analysis were performed in accordance to the Eurocode Specifications. The Longitudinal analysis was performed utilizing the values of dynamic coefficient resulting from the rolling stock analysis also performed by FINLEY.

The above mentioned analyses were used to provide the client with the new Rebar and Post-Tensioning design and layout, that resulted to be more efficient than the original expediting of the segments casting and erection operations.