SR 429 Wekiva Parkway From North of Ponkan Road to North of a New Kelly Park Road Interchange. Orange/Lake Counties, Florida

Services Provided by FINLEY

  • Construction Analysis
  • Shop Drawings
  • Erection Manual
  • Geometry Control Manual
  • Temporary Works
  • Post-Tensioning Calculations/Stressing Data
  • Erection Elevations
  • On-Site Review
  • Technical Support During Construction


Central Florida Expressway Authority


Southland Construction, Inc.

Start Date

October 2015

Completion Date

Est. Completion Date January 2018



The Wekiva Parkway (SR 429) is a $1.6B project that connects to SR 417, completing the beltway around Central Florida, while helping to protect the natural resources surrounding the Wekiva River. The 25-mile tolled expressway provides travel alternatives and relieve US 441, SR 46 and other area roads of traffic congestion resulting from growth and travel between Orange, Lake and Seminole Counties. This $79.6M phase of the project includes one U-beam bridge spanning over SR 429 and Ramp M. The 2,550’ long Ramp K flyover consists of seventeen 150’ spans. The bridge were constructed in 5 units. The first two units consist of four spans each, while the remaining units are all three spans. The pre-tensioned U-beams are spliced and have bottom slab and continuous web post-tensioning. Erection will be segment-by-segment using ground-based cranes with prefabricated shoring towers for temporary support at beam ends.

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