Taxiway A and Bridge. Tampa International Airport. Tampa, FL


· Temporary Works Design
· Integrated Shop Drawings
· Construction Technical Support


Hillsborough County Aviation Authority


GLF Construction Corporation


$60M (Estimated)


May 2019



The new elevated Taxiway A and Bridge at the Tampa International Airport includes the realignment of an existing roadway that crosses under the new Taxiway A Bridge and the existing parallel Taxiway B Bridge. This Taxiway consists of two variable depth spans and one simply support constant depth slab which are all cast in place on falsework. The spans vary from 36 ft to 97.25 ft in length and have an overall bridge width of 217.5 ft. The height of the variable depth spans vary from 3.25 ft at Pier 1 and 3 to 5 ft at Pier 2. The thickness of the span 3 slab is 2.5 ft typically. Piers 1, 3, and 4 are wall piers with 11 or 12 48in diameter drilled shafts and footings below the wall. Pier 2 consists of 12 48in diameter drilled shafts with a continuous pier cap. Taxiway A will be extended to allow the Federal Aviation Authority to stack aircraft waiting to take off from the south end of the airfield. The new elevated Taxiway A and Bridge at the Tampa International Airport will be located at the north end of the airport. The project is part of the airport’s $543.78 million second phase of its $2.6 billion Master Plan.

FINLEY prepared 3-D detailed integrated shop drawings for the three span cast-in-place concrete bridge. FINLEY has incorporated all design details in one 3-D model, including re-bars, post tensioning component and embedded items, to perform in an efficient manner the conflict checks before to start the construction operations. In addition, FINLEY has prepared the 3D formwork design, details and drawings for the abutments, and caps.

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