Tom Staed Veterans Memorial Bridge. Daytona Beach, Florida

Services Provided by FINLEY:

  • Longitudinal Construction Analysis
  • Preparation of Integrated Shop Drawings
  • Design and Detailing of Temporary Works
  • Construction and Geometry Control Manuals
  • Erection Geometry Control
  • Three Dimensional BrIM Model of the
  • Complete Structure
  • On & off-site technical support during construction


Utilization of CAD Software for 3D Integrated Modelling between Construction Analysis, Shop Drawing, and Temporary Works


Volusia County, Florida


Johnson Brothers Corporation



Start Date:

August 2016

Completion Date:

August 2020


Veteran’s Memorial Bridge Construction Flyover

Located in Daytona Beach, Florida, the new $38 million Veterans Memorial Bridge
Replacement project consists of the demolition of the existing low level concrete
approaches and bascule channel span bridge replacing them with a unique precast
segmental arch substructure/arch main span bridge. The approach spans of the
concrete arch bridge are 144’-0” and the main span is 220’-10”, with a bridge deck width
of 53’. In total, the bridge includes 15 spans with a total length of 1,884’. The structure
is built utilizing temporary falsework support for the precast segmental arches with
conventional crane erection for both the superstructure and substructure.

The new bridge will feature 8-foot sidewalks, handicap accessibility, fishing piers on
both sides of the Halifax River, and plaques at 28 scenic overlooks commemorating
conflicts in America’s military history. The plaques will include descriptions of conflicts
and outcomes; the number of killed, wounded and missing in action; a QR code linked
to additional data; and a Braille plate with information.

Finley Engineering Group (FINLEY) performed a time-dependent staged analysis of
the structure to analyze stresses and deflections during construction. Additionally,
FINLEY integrated the analysis model and Bridge Integration Model allowing for
seamless integration of construction engineering deliverables.

FINLEY used its BrIM workflow to allow the integration of the CADD shop drawings,
construction manual, temporary works with the analysis model, to produce the details
quickly and accurately to meet the contractor’s fast-pace construction schedule. In total,
services provided by FINLEY include longitudinal construction analysis, preparation of
integrated shop drawings, design and detailing of temporary works, construction and
geometry control manuals, erection geometry control, 3D BrIM model of the structure,
on and off-site technical support during construction.