Yeffe Nof Bridges BR05E & BR05W


· Final Design
· Construction Engineering
· Temporary Works Design
· Integrated Shop Drawings
· Construction Technical Support
· Geometry Control


Yeffe Nof


Terre-Armee, Ltd.




June 2018


April 2020

This project consists of two new precast segmental bridges, which will provide a fast connection to the new extension of the Port of Haifa, Israel. The bridges span over Road 22, a major arterial in North of Haifa which was required to remain open during construction. The East bridge is 229.93 m long and consists of 5 spans with piers ranging from 5.5 to 6.0 m and carries 3 lanes of traffic. The West bridge is 292.88 m long, consists of 7 spans with piers going up to 15.0 m height, carrying 2 lanes of traffic on a very tight radius of curvature 216.25 m. Both bridges were designed as precast segmental box girder from prestressed concrete, usefully implementing the technology of external post-tensioning and specially designed for heavy trucks moving in and out of the port and for earthquake with return period of 475 years.

FINLEY has provided the full Final Design and Construction Engineering services of the superstructure including: redesign of superstructure with a new box section, seismic analysis, design of temporary supports and details, integrated shop drawings, casting geometry and geometry control during erection and technical support during construction.

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