Seeking Savings – Palmetto Expressway, Miami Florida

Bd&e, Issue 61, November 2010

A long-term programme to widen the Palmetto Expressway in Florida, USA, is moving into its final stages. Craig Finley, Jose Munoz and Enrique Espino report on how changes to one section of the work have saved money and time for the owner.

With 12 parts and a schedule stretching over three decades. the programme to improve the Palmetto upressway in Miami-Dade County has been no minor undertaking for the Florida Department of Transportation. It is now almost 30 years since the DOT recognised that State Route 826 would need to be improved to cope with the predicted increase in traffic. The solution – the Palmetto Expressway Improvement Programme – was started in the early 1990s and is now nearing completion. The aim is to redesign and reconstruct each of the interchanges along the 26km·long corridor to improve safety and traffic flow. One lane will be added in each direction, bridges will be widened and improved and ramps at all interchanges reconfigured. among other improvements. Read more…

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